6 Arten von Schlüsselanhängern und wie man sie benutzt


1. Blank Keychain

Blank Keychains Blank keychains are the most versatile. From a simple label to a mini billboard for your company logo and branding. Blank keychains can be made of plastic or metal. That said, it would be very easy to personalize in a good printing company. Bonus: The blank keychain comes in a rainbow of colors, so turning it into a custom keychain is sure to be fun! It is convenient to carry or use as a simple gift at an event promotion or meeting!

2. Dog tag

Dog Tag Keychain Dog tags are one of the cooler accessories these days! Customize it and turn it into a key chain, or print your cool logo on it and turn it into a kitschy pendant. Dog tags were primarily used by soldiers for identification in the military, but now they can be used as name tags for keys and small items needed in everyday life. You can gift your loved ones your own custom tags and match your own tags to their sets!

3. Carabiner

Carabiner Keychain Carabiners are useful in any situation, especially when going on an outdoor trip. Having these on your key chain can make you the MVP at your campsite for how functional they are. Carabiners can be used to secure tents and bags, and can also maximize the potential of key holders. Take it with you on a hiking trip or beach outing. You can also customize and make more for your family or squad to match!

4. Pet name tag

Pet name tag Fido can be a bit adventurous. What should concerned dog owners do? Customize your pet name tag! That way, you won’t have to worry about losing your beloved dog while out for a walk or run. For your pet’s safety, print information (name, home address, contact number) along with your pet’s name. It doesn’t matter if you have a dog or a cat. You can even raise an alligator! A pet name tag is a useful accessory for your furry friends. It can also be a cute reminder to take with you wherever you go!

5. Utility Keychain

Utility Keychains Utility keychains come in many forms, such as mini army knives, nail clippers, small tool sets, and bottle openers. This kind of Schlüsselanhänger personalisiert is great because it can be used for any occasion and makes a great gift! Imagine going to a party with a versatile keychain. You will definitely be remembered for helping run the party! Personalize this versatile keychain, use it as promotional material or keep it. Either way, you can still use handy tools. Should I say pockets?

6. Luggage tags

Luggage Tags Luggage tags can be a stylish and useful addition to your key holder roster. Besides serving as larger, more accessible name tags, luggage tags can help identify items in crowded airports. Customize it with a bright color so you can easily recognize it amidst tons of luggage and bags! Better yet, make a matching set and use it with everything from purses to duffel bags!

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